Despite being a relatively young company (established in 2013) Rail Products has a vastly experienced management team with decades of both technical and sales experience within the rail industry.

Working in conjunction with Manitou, Rail Products has enjoyed instant success with the design, development and manufacture of technically advanced road rail vehicles. These include the ART17T, ART 17 TH and ART 17 THM MEWPS which are available with a Pantograph unit that now records height and stagger measurements while on the move – a first for the industry. Plus, the latest addition to the range is the new TH 21 crane which has a lifting height of 21 metres and a 6 ton lift capacity.

Technically superior to the competition and highly reliable, demand for these specialist vehicles has been unprecedented throughout the UK as well as internationally. However it is always reassuring to know that, if any machine does encounter a problem, Rail Products has an excellent after-sales support team that is able to respond quickly and efficiently to any such machine breakdown.